Spring Bucket List

Hello Friends! 
Happy Tuesday! 
Hope you guys had a fantastic 1st day of Spring! 
Last year, I shared a  Summer Bucket List, a Fall Bucket List, and a Winter Bucket List, so of course I had to share our Spring Bucket List! 

1. Plant a small boxed garden. Just a few of our favorite veggies.

2. Plant an herb garden. I'm horrible at keeping herbs alive. So fingers crossed.

3. Go to a baseball game. We love going to our farm league baseball games. However, The Braves do have a new stadium so we may have to check that out.

4. Pick Strawberries. We love picking strawberries every year at a local farm.

5. Enjoy spring break. Oh I hear the beach calling my name now.

6. Dye Easter Eggs. We will be at the beach on Easter day, so I'm hoping we can somehow still dye eggs.

7. End the school year with a bang. We are counting down the days till summer break.

8. Bake a spring treat. I'm hoping to try a new recipe.

9. Start and finish spring cleaning. I need to dead clean, paint, and purge AGAIN.

10. Easter Egg hunt. Again, we will be at the beach, so I'm hoping Ella still gets to hunt eggs.
We will see

11. Have a picnic. We love to grab sub sandwiches and pop a squat somewhere fun.

12. Take a nature walk. I wonder what we can find.

13. Enjoy a family golf outing. Ben and Ian are pros. Ella has recently started taking more interest in golf, so looks like mama needs to show more of an interest. 

We have lots of fun planned this spring! Do you have a Spring Bucket List?? What fun things do you have planned??

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