Show & Tell Tuesday {A Day in the life of ME}

It's Tuesday so I am joining Andrea for 

I know y'all are all hanging on for dear life to know what I do all day when my kids are at school!
Sorry to disappoint ya, but I don't eat bonbons or watch soap operas all day!!

So here is my day from this past Thursday, April 14th, 2016

 Up at 5am....
but first COFFEE!!

Then it was downstairs for my daily devotional.

and my daily blog post.....

Then I did my daily blog reading!
Just to name a few!! 

Then it was upstairs to
empty the dishwasher!

Then I got ready for the day and woke up the troops!!

As they were eating breakfast, I was eating breakfast as well 
and making lunches!!

Upstairs to make beds and assist in fixing Ella's hair!

Started a load of laundry

Then it was time for another cup of coffee to go in the Yeti!

Pulling out of the garage at 
7:21 for a 7:30am Parent-Teacher Conference!

Selfie before school...
(yes, Ian was with us)
(no he wouldn't take a picture)

After Ella's conference, it was time to make 2nd grade copies:)

After copies, I ran to the bank and the post office:)

Love all my Stamps from Yellowbess, but the 'oh my fragile' may be my favorite

Then I headed home 
switch out the laundry 

and called my sister to plan Mother's Day and Cory's Graduation Party

Of course, I had my Erin Condren Life Planner

After I got off the phone with my sister!

I did a clean sweep of the house!!

Swiffer Duster!



Folded the load of laundry

Then I grabbed my Mason Jar Salad 

headed to my craft room to start filling these orders!

Thank you guys so much for the SUPPORT!!

This gold glitter (insert heart eye emoji)

Here is what I worked on last Thursday! 

Then it was 2:30 and time to go get the kiddos!

2:45- Duke and I in carpool line!

I read, he naps

Once we got home, I found this mess at the top of the steps :/

I swear they have hooks and a closet for shoes!


We grabbed a snack and they ran outside to play!

We love cheddar popcorn!

Playing in Sarah's backyard!

He started freaking out because I tried to snap a picture!

I finished up the creations I was working on, 
folded more laundry, 
helped Ella with homework, and got a jump start on Friday Favorites

I was blogging and Ella was doing her homework by my feet!

Fixed Chicken Nachos for dinner!

Cleaned up dinner dishes~

Then Miss. Priss wanted her hair straightened!

She looks so different to me with her hair straight!

She played "teacher" for a few more minutes!

Then it was off to bed for Ian and Ella!

And Ben and I ended our night by watching 
Nashville in bed!

Notice the time- 9:17! 

We know how to party it up!!

After Nashville was over! 
We hit the hay to do it all over again on Friday!

Now y'all know the exciting life that I live!
Hollywood should totally make my life into a Lifetime Movie!!

Hope you guys enjoyed a "glimpse" into my day!!

I can't wait to see a peak into your day!!

Happy Tuesday Friends!! 

xoxo, Heather 


  1. Haha - love these posts!! Your day starts and ends just like mine...and the in between, well it never ends!!!

  2. Looks like a great day to me Heather! Love the pattern on your planner and I am so going to need to start making mason jar salads- they look so good!!:)