Friday Favorites

It's Friday!!

Praise Jesus!!

I'm going to share a few of my favorites from the week....

Getting dark at 8:00 pm is my FAVORITE


My kids love playing outside! They stay outside until I literally have to drag them in!
It seems to always take us a few days to adjust to losing that hour or maybe it is just in my head:) but the extra daylight is worth it;)

I have started Spring cleaning this week and I have found that Pine Sol is my FAVORITE cleaning product!

It has been great for cleaning baseboards, blinds, and walls!

My FAVORITE 'Oh My Glitter" creation this week is this mug...

Every momma has full hands and a full heart!

Since I have been on a spring cleaning kick, 
I cleaned off the shelves in Oh My Glitter 
and had my first ever...

I posted 11 items and sold 6! 

Making sales is my FAVORITE!!

You can follow me as 'Oh My Glitter' on Instagram

I am the chair person for the Teacher Appreciation Committee at the Kids school,
and celebrating our Teachers is my FAVORITE!

I have started brainstorming ideas on how we can spoil our teachers that week and I am so excited to share those ideas with the PTO Board next week!!

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  1. YAY for teachers! I'm beginning my spring cleaning and will try Pinesol! Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, YAY for teachers!! They are amazing people!
      I love Pinesol :)
      Thanks for stopping by! I hopped over to your blog and I love cleaning with vinegar as well....but the smell ;(

  2. That mug is so cute. Congrats on a successful insta sale!