Show and Tell Tuesday!

Today I am linking up with Andrea

Today's Show and Tell 

If I had my very own Talk Show it would most definitely be a DIY type talk show!

would be the Amazing Host!

We would show you how to make and create what we make and sell everyday to our customers!!

Of Course, I would show you how to use my Cricut and glitter the heck out of mugs, mason jars, tumblers, and wine glasses!

Which are all listed in my Etsy Shop

Heather(me) from Oh My Glitter

We would be making a whole lot of these kind of Goodies!! 

Next Co-Host would be Ariel from The Rustic Mer{Made}

She would show us how to paint her AMAZING wooden signs!!

We would make some of these FABULOUS Signs

You can follow her on Instagram for her Auction Fridays
On Mondays she has a restock in her Shop

Next Co-Host would be Missy from The Little Green Bean

She would teach her how to sew 

Watching her we would learn to make these AMAZING goodies

I wish I could sew like Missy!!

You can Visit her Etsy Shop and her Website

The Last Co-Host would be Jennifer from Sweetbootique
 because we would need someone to show us 
how to create fabulous graphics to use with my Cricut Explore!!

Jennifer from Sweetbootique!

She specializes in digital creations from birthday parties, social media sets, planner stickers, birthday invitations, thank you notes, and so much more!

Here is what we would learn to create!!

You can see more of Jennifer's creations at Sweetbootique and her Etsy Shop

I think this would be the best DIY talk show ever 
and of course who would we be to turn down

Joanna Grimes

If she wanted to stop by and "Fixer Up" something ;)


Martha Stewart

if she wanted to stop by and show us how to bake a cake or whip something else up!!

Hey it's my talk show and I think it would be amazing!!


Happy Tuesday Friends!!

Make it a Great Day!!

xoxo, Heather 

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