Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Friends!!

As many of you know I usually dedicated Monday's to 

I'm having a hard time with this topic this morning, so I doing a 
Weekend Recap!

We had such an awesome weekend!!

Friday started with me running some errands which included a manicure!! 
Thanks hunny for the treat!

Friday after school, Ella had her friend, Aly over to play
while I cleaned up my craft room and 
organized my orders!!

They were playing school!
The papers are their "students"

Meanwhile, Ben and Ian had an RA Campout at church!

This was Ben and Ian's set up!

Lots of father/son bonding time:)

What a fun night!

fellowship by the campfire!

Guy talk:)

Ben and Ian came home Saturday morning talking all about their 
evening and what an awesome time they had camping out!

Saturday afternoon, Ella and I headed to a spring festival were about 25 vendors or so were set up!
I snagged a pair of LuLaroe Leggings #finally 
and no slip headbands!! They are awesome!

Then we stopped at Chick-fil-a for lunch!

She is already wearing one of her awesome headbands

The boys hit up the golf course! #iknowyouarenotsurprised

Later Saturday afternoon, Ella went to Addison's birthday party!

So the boys and I went to the mall!
We needed to get Ian's iPad fixed!

So for dinner we went to Tin Lizzy's

Guacamole, Salsa, and queso! 

We ended the evening with...


Sunday Morning, I picked up Ella bright and early!
We went to church and this happened...

Birthday Slumber parties are exhausting!!

After church, we went to lunch!

Ian went to hang out with Chris and Kim to watch the Cavs Game!

Ian and Copper were putting!

Meanwhile, Ben, Ella, and I went to get a new mailbox and Pulix :)

Came home and I did laundry and found this....

Still trying to recover:)

Sunday Night, we went to night church....
then home for dinner, showers, and bed!

It's going to be a crazy busy week again!

Today and Tomorrow are Ian's last 2 days of Milestone testing, so say a prayer!

Hope you guys had a GREAT weekend and an even BETTER week!!

xoxo, Heather  

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  1. Sleepovers are exhausting!! We have an ongoing rule that sleepovers are reserved for special occasions - as its just so hard to recover!!