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I always loved when Andrea over at Momfessionals did her monthly recipe link up... But this year she is not hosting that "link up"

So I thought I would start my own series!! 

I know you have probably seen the video floating around social media on how to make crock pot fajitas!! 

I "shared" it on Facebook, so I could try it this week! 

So here is my Crock Pot Fajitias!! 

I left out the garlic and rotel 

You will need:
Boneless skinless chicken breast
(I used 3 breast) 
1 green bell pepper 
1 red bell pepper
1 large onion
Taco Seasoning 

I sliced my onion and peppers
And placed half the onion and the red bell pepper in the bottom of my 
crock pot

I then trimmed my chicken and placed it on top on the onion and pepper! 
Then I sprinkles taco seasoning over the chicken and squeezed the lime over the top of the chicken! 

I then placed the other half of the onion and the green bell pepper over the top of the chicken! 

Finally, I put the lid on my crockpot and let cook for 4 hours on high

After they finished cooking, I shredded the chicken right in the crock pot! 
Here are the Fajitias!


Not to mention that my house smelled AMAZING while they were cooking! 

I put out all of our favorite fixings

And everyone dug in....

They were very yummy! 

The only thing I would do different next time is not cook my peppers and onions as long. I like mine veggies a little more "crunchy" 

But overall they were a huge success! 

What are some of your favorite recipes?

I would love to hear from you!!  

Grab the recipe graphic and share your favorite recipe!!
Use hashtag #ohmyrecipe 



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