Thursday Confessions

Today I thought it would be fun to join Leigh in her Thursday Confessions Series

So here goes nothing...
No judging ;)

 I confess that I need to dye my hair every 3 weeks...that is how fast my hair grey's
It's awful! Most of the time, I do it myself out of a box! About every 8 weeks, I go see Stacy :)
Speaking of which....I need to make a hair appointment 
Now, I completely understand why my mom went blonde.

I confess that I don't get up and get ready every morning.
 I generally take the kids to school, come home and work around the house, work in my craft room, update my Etsy Shop!
The next thing I know it is 2:30 and it's time to go get the kids and I may or may not have had a shower by then!!
 I do however take a shower every night before bed!!
So that's a plus! 

 I confess that every day I tell myself that I am going to eat healthy and workout 
and everyday I fail :( #thestruggleisreal

 I confess that I spend to much time on my phone and/or computer. 
I always have my phone with me. 
Most of the time, I am responding to text, emails, or Etsy convos, 
and of course, checking social media....
but like I confessed I spend way to much time on my devices

I confess I hate surprises!
This started when I was a little girl! 
I remember very carefully peeling the tape off of my Christmas presents to see what they were and taping them back!
When we registered for shower/wedding presents, I checked the registry everyday to see what was purchased....did the same when I got pregnant!
I know it is awful! 
I even found out that Ben was planning to throw me a 30th Birthday party...
that was many years ago :/

I'm horrible I know, but I can't help it!! 

That is enough confessions for one Thursday!! hahaha

xoxo, Heather 

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