Friday Favorites {Field Trip Edition}

Dear Friday,

You make me smile!!
Happy Friday Friends
I hope you guys had a GREAT week! 

We have had another busy week, but fun week!!
Monday, the kids were out of school for a Teacher Work Day, 
so we went Strawberry Picking {more on that next week}! 

Strawberries are a FAVORITE around here and so is a day off of school....
it was just a tease of Summer, which is our absolute FAVORITE time of year:)

Tuesday, I went on a Field Trip with Ian
The fact that he still "allowed" me to go on a Field Trip with him is my FAVORITE!

We went to the William Harris Homestead!
It was "A Day in the 19th Century"! 

It was very informative, but 21st Century amenities are my FAVORITE:)

Here is a little peak into our trip!
We were in the original log cabin (circa 1825) that
the Harris Family lived in!  
It has had a few repairs ;)
Listening to the history lesson
The kids got to see inside the cellar where they stored food
Candle Dipping
The Family Cemetery 
Learning how they washed their clothes with the creek water!

{Thank you Lord for the washing machine & dryer}
Going on a hayride!
I think this was the kids FAVORITE part
Our driver!!;)
Selfies are Ian's FAVORITE.....NOT
Jayden got in on our selfie:)
His Momma is his FAVORITE...even though he would never admit it!
Learning the life of a Civil War Solider!

This was very interesting! 
They got to see Shep the Border Collie herd the sheep!

I would have to say this was my FAVORITE part! 
Shep did an awesome job!
Here is a little video of Shep

I didn't record it all, but he did "herd" the sheep into the pin! 
Wednesday I spent the whole day working on Etsy Orders

I think my FAVORITE would have to be this mug!

I'm always putting on my lipstick and hustling :)
However, Customer FAVORITE are these...

I have made 9 of these cuties this week! 
Last night, we celebrated this guy's 18th Birthday, next month we celebrate his graduation! 
He was barely 2 months old when I graduated from high school!!!

Any time we can get together as a family is my FAVORITE!!

Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!!

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. Happy Friday.

  2. Uuughhh...I took Field Trips for granted as a kid. Why can't I have a field trip on a work day? That would be fantastic!! Have a fun weekend!

    1. I know...but I want a Girl's Field Trip to a spa or something :)

      Have a Great Weekend!

  3. Field trips with the kids are the best! I know I'm soaking it up until my kids don't want me around anymore! And seriously...I LOVE learning about history and find it fascinating, but SO SO SO grateful for modern conveniences! happy friday!
    xo, jen

  4. What a fun field trip! I hear ya though - thank the Lord for a washer and dryer. Can you imagine life without one? ugh! Hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for linking up with us at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  5. Sooo many field trips!! Looks fun. And I wish I was graduating because those wine glasses are amazing!