New Blog Name

My Blog has needed a "Face Lift" for awhile now!
 If I am being honest- 
It has needed a make over ever since I started the Blog!

 I am happy to introduce you guys to 
My New Blog!

Not only did it get a facelift 
It got a new NAME!

I have an Etsy Shop and it is called "Oh My Glitter Designs"

And if you are reading this then you know my blog had the same name!
However, my blog didn't just cover my creations! 

The Blog was a mixture of family and creations!

So I thought it needed a name that combined my two loves!

Glitter and Family

So with the help of a few friends 
I welcome you to....

My Glittery Heart!

Where I will take you on a journey of my 
Glittery Creations and My Heart {Ben, Ian, Ella, and Duke}

What are your thoughts on the new blog name and look?

xoxo, Heather 


  1. Love the new look AND the new name!! :)

    1. Thank you Justine!! I am really happy with the outcome! I may tweak a few things, but overall my goal is to keep it simple! My last blog was just to messy and busy! It was driving me crazy!!

  2. Ok, finally found this post and figured out had to get back in my reader!! :) Love the new look and name!!