Friday Favorites


So you know what that means....


I seriously can't believe it is Friday again!
It has been a crazy busy week!!
But those are the best weeks:)

Hearing all about these guys going to The Master's to see some of their FAVORITE players! Their excitement was my FAVORITE! 

You can read all about their experience from Tuesday's post

While the boys were at The Masters, Ella and I ran a few errands and I had a lunch date with my FAVORITE little girl! 

Sunday, We watched The Master's on the back deck and hung out with some of our FAVORITE people!
It was Ben's dads birthday, so we celebrated by watching golf and had a low country boil, which is one of my FAVORITE meals!! 

Kim was Duke's FAVORITE because she kept him warm (it was a little chilly)

Ian in his new FAVORITE pullover from The Master's!
He was looking at golf clubs online!

Ben recently bought a Big Green Egg...well it is his FAVORITE!

He smoked some sausage before he cooked the low country boil!

This man is my FAVORITE!

My Etsy Shop has really started to take off! Lots of orders starting to come.....The extra money is a plus, but making goodies for you guys is my FAVORITE!!

So thank you all so much for the support! Out of all the makers and shops out there....people have chosen my shop and that makes my heart so happy and thankful!!

I have the Etsy seller app on my shop so every time someone FAVORITES my shop, likes one of my items the app alerts me, but my new FAVORITE sound is the 

sound that the app makes when someone makes a purchase from my Etsy Store

I started a series on my blog this week and I think it is going to be my FAVORITE blog post that I write!

I can't wait for you guys to start sharing some of your FAVORITE recipes with me:)

Some of my FAVORITE 'oh my glitter' creations from this week are

And probably my FAVORITE

We had a GREAT week and looking forward to a FABULOUS weekend!!

Happy Friday Friends

xoxo, Heather 

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