Friday Favorites

Hello Friday!!

So nice to see you again!!

How was your week!!

I am so excited for Ben and Ian because tomorrow they are going to The Master's!!

Ian has really been bit by the golf bug and he can hardly contain his excitement for tomorrow!!

A few of my Favorites this week....

This GUY!! He turned 37 this week!!

He will always be my FAVORITE!!

We are celebrating his birthday and his dad's birthday 
Sunday afternoon with a low country boil!!
So excited!

Dinner with some of my FAVORITE peeps!!

This past Friday we went to eat at Buffalo's with
 my sister and Stacey to celebrate Ben's Birthday!!

These sandals from Target!

I have a few pair of these type sandals. I have a pair of Sam & Libby from Target.
I have also bought the Sam Edelman

 My FAVORITE about these sandals is that it actually has a little bit of cushion!!
I wore these all day yesterday! 
They were very comfy! 

It may not be my FAVORITE in the act of actually cleaning, 
but after it is finished it is my FAVORITE!!

Just kidding....
I really do like to clean
 (I know...weird)
 I am known to be a little inpatient and 
cleaning is an immediate result! 
So therefore, I enjoy it!!


My sister's crew have been on Spring Break this week, 
so we have been puppy sitting Riley!!

Cleaning up her accidents have no been my FAVORITE,
but puppy snuggles are my FAVORITE!!

She has has it really "ruff" this week..... NOT

Here is our week with sweet Riley!!

Ian thought she was funny!!

Riley barely had to walk this week!

Ella was in puppy heaven!

Look at that sweet face!

She finally CRASHED!

Puppy snuggles are my FAVORITE!

Chillin' with Ian!

Morning snuggles with Aunt Heather

Riley's FAVORITE was Duke's chewy bones!

Watching the ACM awards!!
Riley is #teamluke
Aunt Heather is #teamblake

Helping Ian with homework!

I mean really.....was your day that hard?!?!?

Sharing Duke's bed!!

I swear this puppy can sleep anywhere!!

My point proven.........

Sorry for the puppy overload pictures!!

Have a great weekend friends!

xoxo, Heather

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  1. Love that those sandals are cute AND comfy! Have a great weekend:)