Let's Talk {hair & make up}

Happy Monday Friends,

I hope you guys had a great weekend! We sure did! 
I am recapping our weekend tomorrow:)

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika

Today we are talking Hair and Make up!!

First let me start with this crazy mane of mine!!

I have long, thick naturally curly hair!!

I always wear it up because it is long, thick, curly, and always in my face :/

I swear this is what I look like in the morning!

I only wash my hair maybe 2 times a week

I wet it and condition it everyday!

I use this shampoo and conditioner!

After I get out of the shower is the only time I brush my hair 
I use the AMAZING wet brush

I had to...

I have had dark curly hair my 36 years on this earth, so it is the only hair I know :)
But after having Ella and realizing that dark, naturally curly hair is not common
I felt like I was always saying this to strangers


I have always told Ella "You don't touch curly hair" 
if you do it will look like this

HAHA..this curly hair meme are cracking me up!

ok...back to my routine:)

After I use my wet brush
I then add gel to the craziness of my hair!

The only gel that I have found that can tame the beast is

I have used this gel for as long as I can remember! 

I use a lot- remember I have a lot of hair ;)

After I have applied my makeup and gotten dressed
I will then blow dry my hair just a little 
and  I always use a diffuser! 

I have not found any certain blow dryer that I just LOVE, 
so I use one until it dies and go to Target/Wal-mart and buy another one!

After it is dried a little bit, I pull back the sides and go!!

Not sure how well you can see my hair in the pictures above, but you get the idea! 
long, thick, curly, and always pulled back!

No onto to makeup!!

I can't wait to read everyones post about their makeup routines because mine is in desperate need of a "make over" :)

The few products I use daily and love are

I put this Moisture Surge on at night

And if you have been reading for a while now 
you know my favorite face sunscreen is this 

It also doubles as a primer!

I have been using this foundation for a while now!

My color is vanilla 

But I am thinking I need something with a little more coverage!

I have a few noticeable day spots right on my cheeks

I think I look like a clown but instead of the red spots,
I have dark spots...lol

So I can't wait to see what foundation you guys use!!

I do apply my sunscreen and foundation with this guy

I love this beauty blender!!

I use this loose powder over my foundation 

My color is Translucent Light

My FAVORITE mascara is L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in black

I use whatever eyeliner, blush, and eyeshadow!

I need a "summer" lipstick! 

I have recently discovered this for my eyebrows...

My color is brown
I use the brush part to shape them and the liner to "fill in"

I store all of my make up in an "up to date" Caboodle 

I used google images for all my "stuff"! 

I can't wait to read all of your hair and make up routines!!

xoxo, Heather


  1. I love your curly hair - and LOVE that you only have to wash it twice a week!! Wow!! After your review and Justine's for the voluminous mascara, its on my shopping list!!

  2. Heather! I love so much about this post! First- the Wet brush is a MUST in our house! LOVING the Voluminous mascara! And I am so intrigued by the Clinique City Block sunscreen/primer!! It is definitely pricier than I normally spend on a beauty product- but I am thinking I might need to invest in it since I am literally outside EVERY day with my kids during the summer and really want a good face sunscreen! Thanks for the recommendation!! :)