Friday Favorites-Schools out for the SUMMER

Hello Friday and Hello 1st day of Summer Break
However, I'm headed to a School Governance Team Meeting and Ian is headed to a Sneak A Peak at the Middle School,  so for once we can honestly say we are looking forward to Monday ;)

Well it's Friday, so you know what that means!

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Monday and Tuesday seemed to be pretty low key around here!! But man oh man did Wednesday and Thursday kick our butts :)

Wednesday the 5th Graders did their FINAL lap around the halls of the elementary school! and yes, I got all teary eyed! Ian growing up is NOT one of my FAVORITES, but watching him over come so many obstacles these past few years is a FAVORITE!!

Anytime I can capture a smile from this boy is a FAVORITE!! 

I can't believe he is officially finished with Elementary School :(

Ian takes care of one of his class pets every morning! Squeaky is a Leopard Gecko! Well his teacher asked if we would be willing to "pet sit" over the Summer and of course, I said yes...
I'm not a fan of reptiles but Ian loves Squeaky so I agreed

Well Ella was so excited but at first she was so scared to hold him! But Wednesday afternoon she conquered that fear and held Squeaky! 
Watching my kids overcome a fear or doubt is a FAVORITE mom moment! 

Getting a gift card from the second grade teachers for making their copies all year to my FAVORITE coffee place is most definitely a FAVORITE!! 

This $25 will not last long:)

Getting pictures of your child from one of their teachers is definitely a FAVORITE!

Apparently Wednesday morning, Ian spend some time on the playground jumping off the swings and "dabbing"

That boy is a MESS but he is my FAVORITE Mess 

Capturing a picture of your son face timing his "girl" friend is most definitely a FAVORITE! 
Boy you better learn now that momma is always watching;) 

Thursday we enjoyed Ella's Class Brunch and Awards Day!

Seeing everything that she has accomplished this year is a FAVORITE!! 

Her Teacher, Mrs. Horne, gave each child an award wrapped around a Hershery's Bar and Ella received the "Future Author" award! That girl loves to write and tell stories! Her daddy thinks she will be his future saleswoman:) 

Ella and Mrs. Horne!
I am so thankful that she had such an awesome 2nd grade year and going to school was her FAVORITE thing to do! She even played "Mrs. Horne" just about every afternoon:)
She curled in my lap Wednesday night and said "Mom, I am so sad 2nd grade is almost over" 
It broke my heart!! ;( 

After their Brunch and Classroom awards, we moved into the gym and they received their awards from the year!! 

Ella received awards for Math, Reading, Academics, and Attendance!

Ian received awards for having all Attributes of character, Merit Roll, and Outstanding Attendance! 

They both received a ticket to Six Flags for Reading!!

Seeing their hard work and dedication is always a FAVORITE to this momma's heart!!

A New FAVORITE picture of my babies!
Leaving school yesterday afternoon!

Hope you guys have a FANTASTIC weekend!

See you back here Monday for a recap of ours!! 

xoxo, Heather 


  1. Yay for summer break!!! And so sweet of the teachers to get you a gift card!! We have one more week and then school is out for us too- can't wait!!! :)

  2. Summer break already!?! That's awesome! We still have almost a month left of school up here. Love all your pictures! Have a great weekend!!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, summer break already. But we start back August 1st:(

      Have a great weekend!!

  3. Woohoo for summer!! Love the sweet photos and memories with your kiddos. You will have to give us plenty of advice for parenting a middle schooler soon!!

    1. Thank you, Leigh!!
      Oh gosh... I don't know if I will be able to give advice. I'm so scared:(.