Weekend Recap

Oh what a weekend we had....

I hope all you MOMS had a fantastic Mother's Day!!

Just a fair warning.....LOTS of Pictures ahead!
We had a FUN weekend!!

Friday I mailed 7 Etsy Orders!

Lots of #happymail

Friday afternoon I picked the kids up from school and they had decorated cakes from Publix for me:)

So sweet! I love their sweet hearts!

Friday evening, we headed to the Gwinnett Braves Game with the kiddos school!

Gwinnett Braves WIN!

We Love Chopper the Mascot!

We stayed and watched the Friday Night Fireworks!

Ella's face watching the fireworks cracked me up!!

Saturday afternoon we headed to the lake!!

I love this man! 

Testing to see how cold the water was.....
News Flash.....

The water was FREEZING!
But they got in anyway! 

I was trying to get a picture of her reaction to the cold water and Ian photobombed ;)

I can't believe they got in the water! 

It took Ian a little longer to get in....

My little daredevil! 
She was twirly off the boat:)
He finally went head first

He wanted to "drive" us to a different spot in the cove we were chilling in....

Happy Mother's Day weekend to me!

As we were hanging out in the cove next to the golf course, we saw a family of geese! 
Of course, my kiddos had to feed them! 

The baby geese were so CUTE!

After making sure all the geese were full! 
We moved onto riding around and tubing! 

Ella likes a slow little tube ride....

Ian wants it wild and crazy! 

I'm always the spotter! 

Ella wanted off and Ian was excited because then he could get his wild and crazy ride!

trying to get outside the wake!

"Dabbing" in the middle of the lake!
Crazy kid!

A little while later we packed up and headed home!

About 5 minutes into the car ride, I looked in the backseat to find this.... 

and this.....

Lakin' it is exhausting!! ;)

On the way home from the lake, Stephanie and I planned a last minute cookout!!
We grilled steaks, pork chops, chicken, and shrimp!

We fixed the kiddos plates and then looked into the living room to find this.....

I mean can they get any more comfortable!

Love my Stephanie!!!

Please excuse our messy selves!! 

She was campaigning all day and I was on the lake all day!!
That's the part I love the best about us!!!

We didn't have to be all dolled up, house cleaned, etc! We were just excited to get to spend time with each other! 

Sunday morning, we woke up and headed to church!!

I wore my new "Mom" cuff I won in a giveaway on Instagram from Hello Holly

We headed to Legend's for Mother's  Day Brunch! 

Happy Mother's Day 2016

I love these two with my whole heart and I am blessed to be their momma! 
I am so thankful God chose me to love and care for them!!
Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but nothing is more rewarding!! 

Grammy with the kiddos! 

They wanted to take a silly photo! 

Then Miss. Priss wanted to have a silly photo session! 

We ended our night by me pulling a tooth from each kid!!  :)

What a way to end Mother's Day! haha

We had an AWESOME weekend! 

We are looking forward to an even better week! 

Happy Monday Friends!!

xoxo, Heather 


  1. What a beautiful weekend!! How funny for you to pull a tooth from each kid - so random!! My daughter has the same dress Ella was wearing on Mother's Day!! Happy Mother's Day to you!

    1. So random, right....2 kids 2 teeth!
      I love Old Navy for Ella:)
      Such cute clothes!!