Friday Favorites

Hello Friday and Hello Memorial Day Weekend!! 

Today marks the first full week of Summer Break in The Bramlett Household and it has been a fun one!! 

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Here is a look into our week and a few of our FAVORITE moments! 

My sister has an in home daycare and Tuesday morning we ran to her house to watch the kids while she had a doctor's appointment! Playing with Ton-Ton's babies is most definitely one of my kids FAVORITE things to do especially Ella's! She always has a baby on her hip!! 

The kids liked to use Ian has their personal jungle gym!! :) 

After we left my sister's we headed to campaign for our FAVORITE Sheriff! 

Tuesday Night, we headed to celebrate the victory of re-election for our FAVORITE Sheriff! 

Myself, Ella, Sweetie(Stephanie's mom), and Sandra(Jud's secretary) 
We were the set up crew! 

One of my FAVORITE people in this whole world! 
But boy is it successful being her friend during election year ;)

The kids did great waiting on the results to come in!! 

My FAVORITE Sweetie! Doesn't she look like Paula Deen! 
and believe me she can give Paula a run for her money with their pound cake! 

It was a long day and night, so Carsyn was doing anything to keep us entertained!! 
Which included climbing on Ben's back and pulling his hair!! 
This is one of my FAVORITE pictures! It was so funny at the time!! 

Ben brought one of his fancy TV board things from the office-yes, it has a name but I can't remember what it is called! 

We were able to watch the results come in on the big screen!! 

Knowing Jud is our Sheriff for another 4 years is a FAVORITE! He works really hard at keeping our county safe!! Thank you Jud! 

I would have to say this was the FAVORITE moment of the evening! Finding out he WON! 

When you take a selfie with the Sheriff, he will most likely be on the phone because he is ALWAYS working! 

Wednesday, the kids were making objects out of styrofoam on the dining room table!
Well we haven't moved Squeaky to Ian's room yet! 

so this happened! 

I guess she heard to the noise outside of her tank and came to investigate! 
She is really growing on me and I will even hold her now! 
But she looks like a snake with her head poking out like that..... Snakes are not my FAVORITE! 

One of Ella's FAVORITE things to do is Arts and Crafts! But she had styrofoam EVERYWHERE! 

Yesterday we went to the pool for the first time this season! The pool is one of our FAVORITE places to be....

Addison and Ella are one of each others FAVORITE people!! 

The water was so COLD! 

The waterslide is everyone's FAVORITE! 





Cuddling up on the couch with your bestie will always be a FAVORITE! 

and when you have so much fun in one day and fall asleep on the way to your cousin's graduation! 

Being home everyday with my kiddos is most definitely  one of my FAVORITE things to do even when they drive me on the verge of insanity!! ;)

Hope you guys had a great week! We are looking forward to a long weekend at the lake, golf course, and pool! So I will see you back here Tuesday for a recap of our LONG weekend!! 
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  1. What a fun busy week!! Your pool looks amazing and I have to tell you- your Ella is just absolutely beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Thank you Justine! You are to sweet!
      Have a great day!! Enjoy your long weekend!

  2. What a fun, yet busy week you had! So glad to hear your friend was re-elected!! That's very exciting!!!! I hope you have a fabulous Friday and an amazing weekend!! =)

    1. Thanks girl! Yes, it was a crazy busy week! Saw your review this morning!! Thank you for your kind words!!
      Have a great weekend!!

  3. Girl, what a busy week!!!! And you are adorable and I love your curly hair!! (And miss Ella's too!!) thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to read about all your adventures!

  4. Yes..crazy busy week!! Awe you are so sweet! Thank you!

  5. Haha your kiddos sleeping cracks me up!! Ashlyn has the same swimsuit as Ella - hope it will fit her this year! Guess I should have checked that before packing for the beach. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!

    1. We were in the car 5 minutes and they were both OUT!
      Oh gosh...hope so too!!!

      Have a great LONG weekend friend!