Weekend Recap!

Hello Friends, 

How was your weekend? Ours was great!! 

Friday, I had a meeting and Ian had sneak a peek at the middle school! 

After the sneak a peek, Conyer and Addison came home with us and we picked up Squeaky the Leopard Gecko for the summer!

They were fascinated watching him walk around and eat millworms! 

After I got everyone fed and settled I headed to the craft room to work! 

Here are a few custom orders I made Friday afternoon! 

Love this one and the color combo...oh my!! 

The mug on the left a friend of mine sent to me and I was able to upload it and cut it out on vinyl! 

The design is initials that a guy designed! I thought that was pretty cool! 

I love the skinny tumblers! 

Friday night ended with Ben grilling burgers and watching  Captain America 
This is Ian's friend, Timmy that leaves across the street! 

Saturday we woke up and headed to Cory's Graduation Party! 

Ben let Ian drive from our driveway to the stop sign in the neighborhood! 
and FYI- Ben was riding on the guard rail in case of any trouble! ;)
However, I wanted to cry because I saw 4 years flash before my eyes :(

Congrats Cory! We love you and are so proud of you!! 

Ella loves her Cory!
Cory and I! 
BTW- When Ben and I graduated Cory was 6 weeks old :(

Amber and Cory! 
My niece and baby nephew! 

Amber, Eric, and Cory! 
Little Brother and Big Brother
But somehow the little brother is taller than the big brother! ;)
 My Sister's crew! 
Stacey, Amber, Cory, Tonya, and Eric! 

Stacey and Tonya with their baby- THE GRADUATE ;(

Grandma Deb and Cory! 

 The Set Up! 

The Chocolate Foundation was a hit! 

Place to put cards and sign his canvas! 

The Centerpieces! 

One of Cory's Senior pictures and his sports scrapbook! 

After the party was finished and cleaned up, we came home and did this.....

Sunday morning, we headed to church and lunch! 
Then my gang headed to the golf course and I went grocery shopping! 

Then home to work on orders and laundry! 

We had a great weekend!

Did you do anything fun?!?!? I would love to hear about it!! 
comment below!! 

xoxo, Heather 


  1. Fun weekend!! Love celebrating graduations, but it sure is hard to see little ones grow up - two kids I used to babysit for just graduated college. So weird!!

  2. What a great weekend and such a fun graduation party!! This is such a a great time of year!! Hope you have a great week!!