Weekend Recap!

Oh Monday you came WAY to soon!
But it is the last week of school, so that is a PLUS!!

We had a great weekend! 

Friday started with Ian's 5th grade graduation!
I will talk more on that tomorrow! 

After Graduation, we went to lunch and Menchie's!!

Friday evening, Myself, Laura, and Sarah jogged/walked a 5K!
We didn't finish last and we were faster than everyone on the couch!
That's our story and we are sticking to it:)

We did reward ourselves with a margarita! 

Saturday the boys headed to play golf and me, Ella, and Grammy headed to The Growers Outlet to buy plants!
Once we got home we got to work!!

Variegated Periwinkle

I love this "cage" I got several years ago from a local antique shop
I love when they ivy gets full and starts peaking through!

In the bottom pot is lemon grass....I planted it in the fall and it made it through the winter
not sure how long it will last:)

Kimberly Queen Fern
Asparagus Fern with Creeping Jenny
Bleeding Heart 

Moving onto my Front Porch 
I added yellow to my flowers this year, so it called for a new wreath! 
I picked up this wreath from Kirkland's 

This is my FAVORITE that we planted
Gerber Daisys- they are so colorful and happy!
This pot is to the right of my door!  

This little table is to the left of my front door!
I love the sassy rabbit and birds 
The tall red pot is from Hobby Lobby and I thought an asparagus fern would be perfect in it! 

A view if you are walking up my front porch 

After the boys got home from golfing, we grilled out and started wedding planning for Chris and Kim:)

Sunday we headed to church and lunch~
After lunch Ian wanted to go to the PGA Superstore to spend his Graduation money!

He came home with this.....

an indoor putting green!
I warned you he had been bitten by the golf bug!!

We eventually moved it outside! 

Lots of fun for one weekend!

Now we just hope the next 4 days fly by so we can START SUMMER BREAK!!

have a great Monday!

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. What a nice weekend - way to go on the 5K!! And I love your wreath, I may need to visit Kirkland's!!