Pinspiration Wednesday

Hello Friends! How is your week treating you so far?

Today I am linking up with JustineLeigh, and Erica

and today we are sharing how we are getting beach ready!

Last week, a couple of girlfriends and I started the Couch to 5K App (AGAIN)

Sweaty 5:45AM Selfie

We look pretty scary! But I swear we clean up nice:)

So I am needing a little more than just our 30 minute walk/jog!

So where did I turn

For this post I am mainly staying on the fitness part to get beach ready!
I pretty much now what I should and shouldn't eat or's just doing it that is the difficult part;)

So here are a few of my "Pinspirations" for beach ready....

Here is a list of Daily Workouts that I could easily fit into my schedule

My girlfriends and I just signed up for a 5K

I also really enjoyed Mel's tips from The Larson Lingo about Running

I LOVE Quotes....

Here are a few of my favorites.....

I mean what is running without GREAT music!!

What would be on your playlist???

and of course cute attire!! ;)

My favorite pants are these Zella 'Live in' Leggings

and yes, Sheaffer Told Me To ;)

They are AMAZING! 

and cute tanks are A MUST

Here is my Fitness Board on Pinterest
I can't wait to read your tips and tricks to get beach ready!

xoxo, Heather