Show and Tell Tuesday {My Personal Style}

Happy Tuesday Friends!!

Today I am linking up with Andrea for 

My Personal Style! 

Just a little FYI- I totally  stink at selfies and I am SO thankful I am not a fashion blogger because I would fail miserably! 
About a week ago,  I started taking "selfies" of what I was wearing for that day to prepare for this post! 
 I realized I wear A LOT of denim jeans and tees

Boyfriend Tee from Old Navy! 
These suckers are on sale  for $9.00!!
Jeans are Tommy Hilfiger Outlet
Sandals are from Target! 

Ready to volunteer at school

V-neck Tee from Target! 

Comes in TONS of colors! 
Jeans are Vigoss from Nordstrom 

Let's just take a moment to look at these wedges....
Yes, they are $16.99 from Amazon~ 
They are higher than I usually wear but they are SUPER CUTE! 

If I am not in jeans and a tee....
well it is a Chambray Shirt (from Target, but can not find online) 
and Colored Jeans
(these are a few years old from Kohl's) !!

The most comfortable wedges EVER!!

I wear these with as many outfits as I can!! I can wear these wedges for HOURS and they do not hurt my feet!!
They are AMAZING!!

Like I said before, so thankful I am not a fashion blogger!! 

I can't wait to see everyone else's "Style" 
I can use all the tips I can get ;)

Hope you guys have a GREAT day!!

xoxo, Heather 


  1. I am terrible at selfies too!! I just don't understand how some people can make it work in a mirror - but you look great!! I have those SAME wedges from Amazon, and you reminded me how cute they are!!!

    1. You are to sweet! Thank you!
      I love the wedges!!