Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends. 

Today I am heading to Ian's 5th Grade Graduation and my momma heart is freaking out! I can't believe he only has 4 days of Elementary school left :(

On another note, I'm linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci for Friday Favorites! 

Oh what a fun week we have had! I feel like I have said that for the past few weeks!
The end of the school year is always crazy, fun, and busy! 
But only 4 days left:)

Monday was the 5th grade picnic for Ian! Ben grilled and myself and about 5 other mommas set up and served almost 200 hamburgers! Spending time with Ian at school is my FAVORITE! 

Because I was busy serving food this was the only picture I took that day :( 

Tuesday, Ben and I took a quick overnight trip to Nashville for "A Night of Music"! 
Anytime Ben and I get alone time is my FAVORITE! 
You can read about our quick trip here

I love this man! He sure does spoil me rotten!! 

Wednesday, we drove home from Nashville and as much as I love our little trips and alone time
Home will always be my FAVORITE place!! 

Thursday was 5th grade Fun Day for Ian!! 
Like I said before spending time with Ian at school is one of my FAVORITE things to do:)
I love seeing him interact with his peers and I love that all of his friends know who I am!! 
I'm a regular at the school:)

The 5th Grade Fun Day was basically an extra field day!! 
They played a few activities outside in the morning!!

They were all happy and smiling=FAVORITE

Clearly the water actives were Ian's FAVORITE! 

My FAVORITE 11 year old little boy! 

Ian's 5th grade class! Mr. Hedburg! 

Their were a bunch of water balloons left over so all the kids lined up and we threw the water balloons up in the air and they would bust- the kids thought it was AWESOME!! 

Our FAVORITE 5th grade teachers! 

In Ian's Classroom, they have a Gecko Lizard! Squeaky is Ian's FAVORITE reptile!!

My FAVORITE 8 year old little girl showing off her Patriot Pride for USA Day at School yesterday!! 

Night time snuggles are my FAVORITE!!

Hope you guys had an AWESOME week and a FANTASTIC Weekend!!

xoxo, Heather 


  1. Looks like such a fun week! I love your daughter's outfit- she is just beautiful!!

    1. It has been a great week!
      Thank you! The skirt and tank are from Wal-Mart:) and I have a heat press so I added the flag!!

  2. What a fun week - so glad you got to enjoy those last few days/celebrations with Ian!! I hear Middle School is a different world!! Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes. It's been a fun few weeks!!
      Oh I'm dreading Middle school:(