Herb Garden

Happy Wednesday Friends!!

I can't believe this week is half way over and tomorrow is the LAST day of school!

But we are ready...BRING ON SUMMER! 

Every morning either before or after my quiet time, I have a list of blogs I read!

One of them being Andrea over at Momfessionals and a few weeks ago she posted about her Indoor Herb Garden!

Well I loved the post and it inspired me to create my own......

I ordered these pots and these plant labels  from Amazon 

I picked up my herbs from The Growers Outlet this past weekend! 

I picked Cilantro, Peppermint, and Parsley

I just love the look of the aged Terracotta pots

Just like Andrea suggested in her post there was enough soil from the herbs to fill the pots~

These labels just added a pretty little touch! 

I love that I will be able to just grab an herb when I need it!

I love to use Cilantro in salsa! 

I found this recipe on Pinterest

I went with Peppermint because I love the smell:)

I wasn't sure what a I would use this herb for, so of course I turned to Pinterest 

Anything to help me to drink more water! 

And if I can keep it alive I can see me using it a lot this Fall and Winter in recipes! 

Parsley is great to add to lots of recipes 

I found this one on Pinterest that we will be trying soon!

My little herb garden is currently on my kitchen table as a "centerpiece" but hopefully it will make it outside in the next few days!
It's been a little cooler than normal here in Georgia and today it is raining :(
So my little herbs are inside:)

Super easy to do and fairly cheap! 

I spent $36 on the pots and labels
Parsley and Cilantro were $1 each 
Peppermint was $1.50

I really wish I would have gone with the set of 4 pots but they were sold out when I ordered!

Or they have this awesome set of 6 pots 

Hope you guys have a great day!!

xoxo, Heather