Friday Favorites

YAY It's Friday!! 
I feel like I say that EVERY Friday!! 
But the weekends with my peeps are my FAVORITE!! 

Here is a peek into a few of my FAVORITES this week!! 

My new FAVORITE tee shirt arrived this week!! Caffeine is MY JAM!! Check out Sweet T's Design Shoppe
OH MY GLITTER you will NOT be disappointed!! 
They are the softest shirts EVER!! 

Our Anniversary was Tuesday and a walk down memory lane was just what I needed!! 
After all, I did marry one of my FAVORITE people!! :)

My FAVORITE wedding picture! 

On Wednesday my new FAVORITE cookbook arrived!! I can't wait to try out a few new recipes that I am sure will be FAVORITES around here!! 

Ella's FAVORITE fall candy is candy corn....Well Shay makes candy corn cupcakes that Miss. Ella saw and has already requested for her birthday!! :)

When your daughter's teacher sends you pictures through out the day...they quickly become FAVORITES!! 
She looks so big to me in this picture!! ;( but she will do just about anything for candy! HAHA 
Notice the baggie of Skittles ;)

So I asked Ella to set the table the other night and she made us place cards... 

The kids touches around the house are my FAVORITE!! 

Ella's FAVORITE drink is chocolate milk and finding notes in the ovaltine is a FAVORITE, for sure!! 

I'm thankful to know that she can't do everything without me! :)

My 2 new FAVORITE wineglasses!! 

This one needs NO explanation!! HAHA

This Georgia girl loves her Bulldogs and Wine! :)

I LOVE making my own poppy seed dressing!! But I didn't have a bottle that I loved to store it in....well while I was as William Sonoma this past weekend I picked up this bottle and I LOVE it!! 
The trigger spins your salad dressing and then the top pops open to pour the dressing!! LOVE IT!! 

Speaking of recipes....I hope you caught our Recipe Club this week!! 

I have a feeling Johannah's pumpkin bread is going to be a new FAVORITE!!

Recently my blogger friend, Justine became a 31 Consultant! 
Well I placed an order with her!! I have a new FAVORITE bag!! This tall organizing tote is pure perfection for my on the go life!! I love the pen holder on the front! 

Y'all know my love for hashtags runs deep, so I couldn't help myself!! hehe

My new FAVORITE 31 pattern is checkmate!
I LOVE it and the large utility tote!! 

Another blogger friend, Johannah is hosting a 31 party, so if you are looking to order make sure you order through Johannh's party and help 2 sweet friends of mine!! 

It's no secret that Summer is my FAVORITE season but FALL is a close second! I shared our Fall Bucket List yesterday and I can't wait to check off our list!! 

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend planned! I hope ours is pretty LOW KEY because starting next weekend we are pretty much CRAZY till the new year! 

xoxo, Heather 

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