Sky Valley

This past Sunday, the Bramlett guys had a 11:30 tee time in Sky Valley!! So we got up super early after our late night Bulldawg Bash and drove the hour and half drive to Dillard, GA because we HAD to eat breakfast at The Dillard House!

They serve home cooked food, family style!! It is simply amazing!! 

We then drove up the mountain to the golf course!! We dropped the guys off and the ladies went the rest of the way up the mountain to Highlands, NC!! Where we SHOPPED!!! 

I found this image on Google!! 

Just look how cute this town is.....

We parked by this little chapel~~ 

The Bramlett girls and Duke were ready to shop till we dropped!! 

Highlands is a very dog friendly town! Duke was welcome to walk in the stores, but we generally carried him because I was scared he would get stepped on! HA 

Each little shop had water bottles outside for the dogs!! It was precious!! 

Duke says "shopping is exhausting" 

Dillard, GA has lots of antique stores, so we stopped in most of those too!! 

We headed back to the golf course later that afternoon and timed it perfectly to watch our FAVORITE guys come in on the 18th hole!! 

Here comes Chris and Ben! 

Snapped a picture with my honey! 

Here comes Ian and Grandaddy!! 

He looks WAY to big for my liking in this picture!! 

We ended our afternoon with a family photo and an hour and half drive home!! 

My Whole World!! 

xoxo, Heather