hello monday

Hello Monday!! 

How was your weekend??

Ours was pretty relaxing! Very low key! Which I am thankful for because starting this upcoming weekend....we are non stop crazy busy!! 

Our weekend was so low key that I only took a few pictures! HAHA

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So Friday morning, I ended up at the Vet's office with Squeaky the Leopard Gecko! She wouldn't open her left eye and when she finally did...it was cloudy! When your 11 year old is starting to have a meltdown that the lizard is going to die....you take it to the Vet! 

Squeaky has an eye infection.....probably from the sand that was at the bottom of her aquarium(which we didn't know that she wasn't suppose to have) so she also got new "flooring" for her home! 

I also have to give the lizard eye drops once a day for a week...yes you read that! Eye drops to a lizard! :) 
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Friday night, Ella went to a birthday party and Ben, Ian, and I hung at home! It was GREAT!! 

Saturday morning, I made sausage balls and cupcakes!!

Not sure why I was in a cooking and baking mood but I went with it!! 

Saturday afternoon...both kids had a friend over to play!! 

Ella and Ava

Ian and Timmy

Saturday evening, Grammy and Granddaddy came to watch the kids while Ben and I went to one of his Co-Workers house for a team event! 
Sadly, I didn't take one picture:(

Sunday morning we went to church! Then it was lunch and pedicures with your besties! 

My sweet Ella Marie! 

After pedicures, it was Target and Publix to get ready for the week!! 

Hope you guys had a great weekend and looking forward to a fabulous week!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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