Hello Monday

Hello Monday!! 
Again you came way to fast!! HA

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We had a great weekend! Pretty low key for us!! :)

Friday started off with me getting my hair done! I got this awful grey covered and about 2 inches cut off! I'm not sure if I like it or not but ANYTHING is better than the GREY! 

Friday afternoon both kids had eye doctor appointments! Ian's vision was pretty much the same as last years...he is far sighted! Ella's vision was great! 

Friday evening we went to our local high school's football game! Our neighbor's son plays on the team!! 

Friday night lights! Check out that moon! 

Saturday morning my boys headed to the golf course-I know y'all are SHOCKED!! HA

While Ella and I went to visit my sister and her crew that recently moved to Cleveland, GA! My sister and I have always lived about 20 minutes from each other now she is an hour and a half :(

This view from her back porch makes up for it!! :)

Ella wanted to try out the paddle board! 

She has never been on one and she is so clumsy like me but she did GREAT!! 

Go ELLA!! 

Tonya, Lisa, Joy, and Ella! 

Joy and Ella

After they played on the paddle boards and kayaks, we took the golf cart around the resort!! 

We stopped and saw the horses! 

Ella and Joy posed for a "fall" picture in their bathing suits!! HAHA 
They thought that was to funny! 

The dogs were just exhausted!! "Ruff" life! 

Later that afternoon, Ella and I headed home to be with our guys and watch the GA Game!! 

I made it to half time and then passed OUT!! I woke up around 11 to Ben yelling at the TV!! ;)

Sunday we headed to church, lunch, then the mall! Nothing to exciting or picture worthy!! :)

Hope you guys had a great weekend and looking forward to a fantastic week!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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