The day I became Mrs. Bramlett

13 years ago today Ben and I said "I DO"~~

Ben and I have known each other since middle school.....Y'all Ian is in middle school! I met Ben when I was Ian's age.....that is CRAZY for me to comprehend! 

We were ALWAYS best friends! 
We just naturally gravitated toward each other. 
We always dated each others friends. 
We made several boyfriend/girlfriends MAD because we would always be together...for example our junior year in high school Ben ask me to come to his golf banquet instead of his girlfriend at the time...oops! 
We always bought each other Christmas gifts.
We both got out early our Senior Year for the work program if we didn't have to be at work right away he would always take me to lunch! 
Ben would just show up at my house whenever....Mom got used to Ben randomly knocking on the door!  Mom told me our junior year of high school 
"They always marry your best friend" 
I told her she was CRAZY! HAHA
I guess Mommas are always right! :)

A while back I did a Throw Back Thursday post of Ben and I can read it here

So lets take a stroll down memory lane!! 

September 20th, 2003

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bramlett

We were babies...Ben was 24 I was 23

These 2 women are my ROCK!! They helped shape me into the woman I am today!!  

So honored to have these wonderful ladies by my side that day!! 

Ben and his handsome groomsmen! 

Ben with his family!! 
Chris, Colleen, and Mike!! 

I hit the JACK POT when it comes to in-laws! I couldn't ask for a better relationship with my in-laws! I love my mother in law!! They accepted me as one of their own!!!

My dad and stepmom, Deborah!! 

A full shot of my dress!! 

My HANDSOME groom! 

This is my FAVORITE picture from our DAY!! 

I love this man with my whole being! I would be so lost without him! He is my ROCK!! 
In the 13 years that we have been married, we have learned so much! 
We have learned to put each other before ourselves.
We have learned how to become parents.
We have learned that we still need to go on dates.
We have learned that we have to work hard on our marriage every single day.
We have learned to pray for each other and rely on God.
We have learned that it is not always going to be easy.
We have learned in the hard times that we are a team.
We have learned that every day to say "I love you" even when we don't want to.
We have learned that sometimes we just have to "let it go"

I can't believe it has been 13 years! 
one house, two kids, and 1one dog later
I think we are doing pretty good!! 

Happy Anniversary to US!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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