Friday Favorites

YAY for Friday and YAY for a Holiday weekend!! 

This has been the craziest, longest week!! I ended up at the doctor's office with Ella yesterday. She has a sinus infection. boo for back to school germs. But I am so thankful that it was not strep because apparently that is going around.:(

As always I am sharing our FAVORITES this week!! 

Our ADULT only Lake Trip this past week was a FAVORITE for sure!! I love my kiddos but alone time with Ben and some of our FAVORITE people was just what we needed!! 

Getting out all my red and black to start decorating for Georgia Football is a FAVORITE!! 

I posted all about our DAWG love on Tuesday!! 

This boy can make me want to pull my hair out most days but when he lays his head in my lap or on my shoulder....I melt like butter!! Knowing that he really does loves me even though most of the time he has an awful middle school attitude is my FAVORITE!! :)

I love anytime with my Ian Michael! 

Sunday after we went to the UGA bookstore my sweet hubby took me to Ulta to get some new make up!! I ended up going with this Bare Minerals foundation!! I LOVE IT!! and that brush is my FAVORITE!! 

It has great coverage and feels very light! 

I also started using their skin care! I got this kit! It is for sure a new FAVORITE!! 

And my last FAVORITE this week is...

I love everything that September brings....
fall, football, bon fires, festivals, apples, pumpkins, halloween, thanksgiving, cooler temps, hayrides, pumpkin spice!! I just get so excited thinking about it!! 

Hope you guys have an awesome holiday weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather
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  1. SO sorry sweet Ella got sick!!! That Bare Minerals foundation looks fabulous!! I have used their products in the past and loved them!! Happy 3 day weekend friend!

  2. I love all things September and pumpkins as well- even if it's not "officially" Fall yet! :)

  3. Boo for start of school germs!! Hope Ella is feeling much better today! Have a wonderful weekend - enjoying cheering on your bulldogs!!

  4. Awe poor Ella! I'm so glad it isn't strep too and I hope it doesn't morph into it. Girl, you had such a great weekend last go around I hope this one is just as fabulous. Yay for new make up - I loaded up too this week! xoxox

  5. My oldest nephew is almost 10, but NOTHING beats him cuddling up next to me on a couch or at church. heart melts. September is definitely a favorite around here too! Enjoy your party & football weekend!

  6. I love BareMinerals. curious to see what you think of that foundation! I use their powder foundation. Happy weekend girl!

  7. What a bummer about the back to school germs! Hope she is feeling better! I am usually so sad to see fall come because it means winter is next, and I HATE winter, but this year I'm actually excited for all the fall things!! Enjoy!!