September Goals

Y'all it is September 1st !
Yes, I know you know the date...but how on earth did September 1st get here so FAST????? 

If you have been reading the blog for a while than you know I love me some Monthly Goals!! I LOVE the sense of accomplishment and I LOVE checking off the "to do" list!

But first let's take a look at August Goals!!

1. Get into our School Routine!! 
Well we have been in school a month today and I finally feel like we have our "groove"

2. Clean out drawers and closets! 
I accomplished the tupperware cabinet 
Some of my drawers and most of my closet-
 I need to go through all my purses! eek
I did clean out the kids closets and drawers, but with cooler weather coming I will need to make a few tweaks! 
The linen closet has been moved to September, but I have a game plan, so there's that! HA 

3. Game plan for Kids Room Make Over!! 
I managed to paint their rooms and get them new bedding!! I just need to finish the final touches and I hope to finish Ella's tomorrow! I am still working on finding pictures for Ian's room! 

4. Make 3 new Fall "Oh My Glitter'  goodies! 
DONE! Plus, I am working on a Fall wooden sign! 

5. Finish the 21 Day Fix
NOPE! I didn't complete the program! 
However, I have been watching what I am eating and been pretty good with exercise and I am happy to report that I have meet my first weight loss goal!! 

Moving onto September!! 

Here's to a great month and getting LOTS accomplished plus enjoy all the happiness that FALL brings!! 

What do you hope to accomplish this month???

xoxo, Heather 

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